Roulette Table Rules Instructions

Roulette is one of the easiest and most fun of all the casino games. It is based on chance and does not require the player possessing any special math skills or large amounts of prior knowledge of the game.

The name roulette originates from France and resembles the French word for ‘small wheel’. Its earliest roots are in 18th century France and over the years it has found a welcoming home in casinos all over the world. In fact you will be hard pressed to find a casino that does not offer this thrilling game.

how to play roulette

The game consists of a roulette wheel marked with numbers from 1 -36 and a zero or zero and double zero in the American version of the game, roulette ball and the roulette table where players place their wagers.

Play commences by players placing a wager within the betting limits of the roulette table they are playing at. Once the bets have been placed the roulette wheel gets spun and the roulette ball in thrown onto it mid spin.

Once the ball lands on a particular number and the wheel stops turning the outcome of that specific roulette round is over. Winners get paid and the house collects all losing bets from the roulette table and clears the table for another round of play. Click here to learn more about how to play American roulette.

Roulette Table Rules Offer Multitude of Wagers That are Split Into two Main Groups of Bets:

Inside bets: these are wagers made on a specific number, but also made on two adjacent numbers by placing the chips on the line separating them on the roulette table. Such a bet is referred to as a straight up bet. In addition there is an option to make a split bet between three adjacent numbers in a split bet or four adjacent numbers in a corner bet. An inside bet on six adjacent numbers is also allowed. This bet is called a six line bet.

Outside bets: these are wagers made on large groups of numbers, color or even/odd outcome. These bets payout less but have a higher chance of winning and beginners are recommended sticking to outside bets while they figure out the game. Most outside bets pay even money of 1 to 1 but also include a dozen bet and column bet that pay 2 to 1.

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