Vintage Casino Club member 226 Lewis from England who is sharing his Craps Tips

Hi Guys,

I’m Lewis from England! I having played Craps on and off for the past seventeen years, I guess I could say that I’m an advanced gambler.
I started playing it after college and I have beautiful memories of it. I sure miss the good old days of gambling, but I don’t say no to the online experience either! While I am here to share my favorite craps strategy and tips, I should start by saying that, as a beginner, I was faced one too many times with veteran gamblers constantly telling me about the seriousness of casino games, the importance of a solid strategy and all that jazz.

Obviously, I encourage everyone to be smart and careful, but first of all, I want to tell you to have fun. After all, casino games are games and without a bit of fun and excitement all their charm is lost. I do advise you to be intelligent (and diligent!) in picking your strategy, but don’t take craps tips for granted. I believe there’s a strategy for everyone and that each gambler somehow changes the strategy to his or her case.

At least I know I did. Take the time to find out what strategies the pros use and learn as much as you can, but don’t rely on theory alone. When you’re on the craps table, you need to be fast, smart and adaptable. I, personally, after years of practicing and plenty of losses, perfected the Iron Cross.

The Iron Cross (a.k.a “The No Seven System”) is a strategy where you have to place pass line bets on any number except for seven. Obviously, I recommend using it when sevens are not showing. Easy, pretty easy I would say agree? I like it because the pass line bet enables me to stay at the table, even when all my other bets are removed. I recommend starting with a $5 pass line bet and sticking to double odds.
You can check out this video detailing the strategy, it’s always better when you can follow the system step by step Iron Cross.

I usually stop after two consecutive losses and one hit, at which time I go back to single odds. In theory, one in six rolls will be a seven, which is not that bad an odds. I think that the Iron Cross works like a glove for action players, especially when you count its two main variations, Three and Done and Press Till Done. The basic version of this strategy is great for beginners, while these two are good once you level up.

Make no mistake, though, there is still a house advantage of about 4%. This is not something to neglect, but it’s smaller than with other gambling tips and systems I have used. Obviously, it doesn’t work every time, which is why I have other strategies up my sleeve. However, I do like this one because it sums up the sheer excitement of the craps experience. Good luck! Let me know how the Iron Cross works for you!

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