Vintage Casino Club member 225 Abby from Arizona USA who is sharing her Blackjack Betting Strategy


I’m Abby, I have been playing black jack since forever. I remember I was this high school girl, when I first learned how to play blackjack in casino. Now after so many years it is a good source of income for me, apart from my day job. As a senior player, I would advise the starters to first of off manage their bank rolls well. See blackjack is a very simple game which can be mastered by regular playing, but what one needs to do as a beginner is to keep a limit on that bank roll until you reach the level of mastery. So to start up with, go for the tables whose minimum number is not less than 5% of the amount of your bank roll. If you still have doubts go for the free games which involve no money, and then hit off the real table – which is how I basically learnt to master my game.

See the game appears to be very simple which is why many people start off spending their money on the real table at first and then due to lack of experience lose their bucks. But you must understand that it is obviously not easy as it appears, plus there are a few key tactics which must be used to win the game. I have learnt, the most effective blackjack betting strategy is to assess the composition of the total in your hand and not just its value. This is because the more decks you have in your hand, the better are your chances at winning.

When in the casino, vow to never drink; since one of the most common casino tricks is to keep your mind clear of unwanted clutter while you are playing the game. Blackjack in general is a game which involves you keeping a track of all your cards, so you cannot afford to lose focus there. In fact if you can number your cards as a +1, -1, in your mind, and if you can remember the order of them, it would be helpful.

If the dealer’s card is a 7, 8 or a lesser value always split it in those numbers. Never split it in 5s or 10s. Always hit a 16 or lower and try to imitate the dealer. On doing this you will be in a 6% advantage position. Many of the blackjack tips online also suggest that you should leave the house till you are over a 0.5% advantage over the player. Following all these tips may enhance your chances of winning but be sure that these are not the last word. Create your own strategies that work best.

Leaving you with a huge blessing to success in your next blackjack rounds.
Regards from Phoenix, Arizona

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