Vintage Casino Club member 224 Arjun from Vegas who is sharing his little journey to Las Vegas the casinos mother

Hi All
I am Arjun and just back from Vegas, the Sin City. The night life, partying, nervous luck at legendary casinos, notorious gangsters, high life and all kinds of people – I wish, I had the opportunity to settle down in Las Vegas.
Well it looks at a first glance that it went easy for me to afford this little trip to Las Vegas but actually I worked very hard (long months) in order to afford it, it was absolutely not easy, but hi who says the great things in our life are easy?

It was a great trip to Las Vegas and lot of poker action. I was at the Caesars Palace. The kind of excitement at the Roman setting with the extravagantly lavish environment will take pages of ecstatic explanations. It was a nice feeling to put all my learning to play poker in online poker sites in to action at the poker tables in Caesars’ Palace.

My time was completely filled with Holdem! The tables were spread out really well. I did not have enough time to visit the tournament room. I just had one night to spare on a break between my official tasks.

The No limit Holdem set at $1/$3 caught my attention. There were 32 other cash tables to play. The rakes were pretty high for the kind of recreational poker player that I am – I wanted to simply ash out a $500 just for the kind of experience I can get at the tables in the real time set up. Honestly, a visit to the Sin City was something I never dreamt of. I am from Chandigarh, India. Perhaps, I thought this might be the once in a life time experience for me.

I noticed that many people were for the $2/$5 games that ran most of the time. While the rakes were high they offer heck a lot of promotions that is not found in any other casino in the strip.
The cocktail service was excellent, and the waitresses serve you cocktail soon and you need not really hunt around for them.

They take a cue from checking in to the blink of your eyes. It was great party time. Spend a $50 and you get a good Dinner served from the Augustus Café. Well, that is lot of price to pay and since, the entire flight cost were super expensive plus I was spending just on my personal entertainment, I did not mind and the quality is worth the money you pay.

I made $800 playing Holdem. I will never forget this experience in my whole life. Never would I dare to spend so much at a casino online and never have I bothered to play so much. Well, the $800 was the final number after the profits and losses through 8 hours of play. The good thing is I walked out a winner in profits. The $75 stay with my friend at the Caesars was worth the rest after the boggling holdem experience.

My head was nervously saturated with Holdem that day. The dealers are great. It at all I make it another time, I would go with a gambling budget to some other destination. Well, reportedly my friend lost all his bucks lost in the merry of the environment. So, I would warn of a complete loss experience. My experience is purely mine. You should work for yours. Reinvent poker and reinvent luxurious gaming – however, be able to afford it!


So I wish you all to go to Las Vegas – you must do it at least once a life!


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