Vintage Casino Club member 222 Kirill from Russia who is sharing his Russian Roulette Tips and Tricks

Hello, I am Kirill 26 old and I live in Moscow. I very impressed from this casino blog and decided to send my own post to vintage casino club, so let’s get started, I very hope you like it:) and please forgive me if my English is not so well.

With Russian roulette, you might not be alive to complain if you lose. This is because Russian roulette is a game at par with assassination! A silent pull of the trigger – and, your life can be changed forever to nothing.

So, how to play Russian roulette without a gun?
Sweetly, you will be still alive when you play online. Only your graphical representative online might be dead when you lose. This variant is one of the famous of the social casino games. This game is available in several themes like the slots games.

Since, the country of origin of this game is Russia, the name Russian. Since, the element of risk taking is at par with the game of roulette, it is known as Roulette.

How it all started?
Only, one of the six chambers in a revolver is loaded with a bullet. The cylinder is then spun well. The player places the muzzle against the head and the trigger is pulled. The deal is about whether you will survive? If you dare, you place the muzzle in your head, and you trigger. It means you dare to die at your will if the bullet fires.

If the single bullet does not fire when you trigger, then, your life is saved. The bullet in the revolver, works by the one in six ratios! Since, you are given only one opportunity for the trigger, if you do not die in one bullet, then the chance for the trigger goes to the next opponent.

According to Wikipedia, “It is claimed, that this practice was widely known in Russia in the early 19th century. However, there is only one written source before the 20th century: in Mikhail Lermontov’s 1840 “The Fatalist”, one of five novellas comprising his A Hero of Our Time, a minor character survives a version of Russian roulette.”

In real-time situations, where people exhibit gross recklessness by playing this variant with a real gun, this becomes a case of manslaughter!

The best of the Russian roulette tips and tricks is to not dare when the odds are not in your favor.
Your head should work through the probability line ranging from whether you can get shot. In a scale from impossible, unlikely, even chance, likely, and certain.

It is supposed to be your personal judgment for each turn about the dare.
With 6 chances in the roll:
Round 1: There is a chance – missed
Round 2: There is a better chance than before – missed
Round 3: There is a scaring – increased chance – missed
Round 4: God!… – Thank God – missed
Round 5: This is definitely a do or die turn – missed
Round 6: Better not dare! There is 100% chance the bullet will fire in your head this time!

Well, this is an extreme illustration. In real time, the firing can happen in round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4, round 5. Also, the probabilities for you being hit can vary based on the number of players in the table. In a multiplayer game, the odds change according to the number of players.

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