How to Bet on Craps Table? Learn What You Need to Know

Want tips on how to bet on craps table? Learn its layout and how to play, bet, and strategize in this popular dice game.

Craps is a game involving dice, not cards. The player roles the dice and make bets on what the result will be. It is played against other betters or against the house. Having been around for 2000 years, the modern version of the game was influenced by the French when they still were in possession of Louisiana.

How to Bet on Craps Table – The Table’s Layout

Here’s a look of what is the craps layout table.

The craps layout is very detailed and can look confusing, but it’s easier than it looks. It’s a rectangular table where both sides mirror each other on what is written. The reason is simple: more players at one table. On the outside closest to you (and going inwards) is the  “Pass Line,” followed by “Don’t Pass.” To Pass is to bet with the person who rolls the dice, or the shooter, and Don’t Pass goes against the shooter. Then, is the “Field” which has multiple numbers on them because you would win the bet if any of those numbers were rolled; “Come” is after and is just like the Pass bet, as well as “Don’t Come” which is like the Don’t Pass, but they have different rules regarding those bets. Once you master Pass and Don’t Pass should you go into Field/Don’t Field.

6 & 8, which sits in a corner buy the Pass Line and the odds of the dice getting those numbers are always against you (Craps betting strategies will come later). The other numbers on the other end of the table are all Box Numbers to put bets on. Prop Bets lies towards the center of the table in small circles. Next to that are Proposition Bets, which predicts the face value of the rolled dice. On top of that is usually and unmarked open green carpet, but that is for Hop Bets, or single roll-bets. This is for predicting a direct combination of dice to come out.

Some of this is complicated and should be used only if you, the gambler, is a seasoned pro at this. If you are an amateur, stick with the basics, which will be mentioned now. Make sure you have the layout in memory when you plan your craps betting strategy.

How To Play Craps

Wondering where to begin to learn to play crapsOnly one bet is played on the board at a time. There is two dice to roll with one hand; the roller is called the “shooter.” Other players who watch must place a bet on the “Pass” or “Don’t Pass.” To Pass is to bet the roll will be successful, which means Don’t Pass is betting against the roll. When rolling, you must hit the back wall of the opposite end of the table you’re standing at. The first roll, in what will be multiple rolls on one bet, is called the “Call-Out Roll.” The series ends as a one-roll series only if the roll is 2 (Snake Eyes), 3, or 12, and the Pass Line loses. If a 7 or 11 are rolled, the Pass Line wins. The roll number is the shooter’s point number.

The main goal is for the shooter to roll the dice to hit their point number before they roll a “7 out.” Each person around the table can become the shooter, but one has the right to keep rolling. For reasons of preventing anyone  who them must choose two dice with one hand and the stickman takes back the rest. The shooter then must roll the dice to the opposite end of the table and hit the rubber padded-wall, where the dice will bounce back. If the shooter hits his number, Pass Line wins; if it gets to a 7, Pass Line loses. That is the basic game of craps.

Craps Betting Strategy

You can find here some more craps tips on betting strategy.

Note the odds is in favor of the house by only 1.4%, which is lower than when playing them in roulette and blackjack. So to win is fairly easy and winning can be plentiful if a good strategy is in place. The easiest bets are the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line for the reasons mentioned earlier. One of the hardest bets to succeed in is the “big 6/8” because the house has a 9.1% advantage, but it’s tempting to take because the reward for winning is big. Like with poker, if there’s a hot hand (or roll, in this case), raise the bets. If it’s a losing streak, don’t panic and go for broke. Lower the bet to rebuild. Remember, the house always has the advantage and here you can find more information about how to bet on craps.

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