Learn to Play Craps Game

Craps is another popular game in a casino or even online. But of course, it has several rules that need to be learned. Beginners or those who are already playing this game for quite some time can make wise bets even without adhering to the rules. Learn to play craps is pretty simple, it is all about betting on various rolls of the dice. Only, there are rules that you need to know before indulging in this game.

How to play craps for beginners

Who is The Shooter in The Craps Game?

The shooter is the one who is responsible in throwing the dice every round of the game.
Actually, everyone on the table takes his turn in being the shooter, but you have the option not to take your turn.
A shooter had to pay the table minimum and choose whether to place a bet on a ‘Pass’ or ‘Don’t Pass’ line bet.
The other players should then place their bets on all other available types of craps bets.

When it is your turn to shoot the dice, roll them with a force that will hit the back portion of the table making it bounce back on the table’s platform. This way, you cannot be accused of cheating or controlling the dice.

Is There a Method to Learn to Play Craps

Although known to be a difficult game to enjoy, Craps had become one of the most popular game in casinos and even online. This is generally the choice of most people anywhere in the world.

They All Follow The Same Basic Rules of The Game as Discussed Below:

The game starts with the shooter rolling the dice. This act is popularly called a “Come-Out” roll. Then, the shooter continues roll the dice until he reaches the point wherein numbers other than 2, 3,7,11 and 12 comes out. When the ‘other’ numbers come out, they are called as the “point.” Therefore, when the shooter has a 2, 7 and 8, the point goes to the number 8.

The shooter then proceeds to roll the dice, waiting for the ‘point’ to come out again, or a 7 to appear. When this is achieved, that round is done and the shooter prepares to roll out the dice for the next round.

The craps game can be tracked by a “puck” which has a black and a white on either side. If the puck displays a black on the side up, this means that the shooter had a come-out roll. The ‘puck’ is then flipped over, with the white this time, positioned in a certain box corresponding to the point.


Generally, these are the only basic rules that are being applied in the game. After the ‘point’ is determined, single and multi-role bets can already be done. The different odds and meanings are actually the most complex factors of craps game. This can be a major turn off for beginners, but if you are really interested to learn to play craps, learn the pros and cons of craps betting. Craps betting is very interesting and fun, and it becomes simpler as you continue playing the game.

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