Craps Betting Strategy Tips

When playing games in casinos, you always have that element of chance and most likely, the house always works in their favor. Simple strategies however can be of help and useful for players who plays crap, and there can be an increased chance of winning in this regard.

Craps strategy is not an easy option to win. It takes time and some dedication as well as patience to perfect a certain strategy or technique. Not like any other game such as blackjack, a strategy is not 100% reliable. The only strategy that can work in craps betting is to possibly shave the house.

Those who have the best odds of winning the game should fully understand the bets and stick. For example, Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come and Don’t Come are the lowest risk and house advantage at approximately 1.5%. This is equal to the possibility of being successful in the game. However, the house edge for any 7 and 2/12 house edge bets is around 13%, which means this is the worst bets ever. The payout reflects the risks, and pays even money on lower risks. Eventually the bankroll will reflect the profit on players with strategy.

You can also try to eliminate the Don’t Pass and the Don’t Come crap bets from the table. This act can be done especially if the result has not been decided yet at the initial rolling of the dice. This might seem to be a good move but can actually be disadvantageous on the part of the player. It is for the fact that the number 7 is more likely to be rolled against other total. This is probably the reason why casinos choose this number to win. The casino allows the player to remove the total of 7, for his own benefit.

Basic craps betting strategy

The odds bet should also be observed and noted. Approximately 0.6% of the house is shaved, on the odds bet. Odd bets refer to the payment made by the casino to the player. An additional cost may be involved but the odds bet can increase the amount you are being paid when on the easiest craps bets to strike. Again, you need a lot of dedication, study and patience in order to achieve a good strategy. Definitely, craps betting strategy is not the type of game that you can have large, quick winnings.

Improving Your Bets

In betting, you need to check on the odds which may be a right or a wrong. However, you can always put the odds bets with the Come or Don’t come. It is similar to a cover bet of Russian Roulettes of which you are trying to earn on a side bet. That simply means a zero percentage for the house edge, and the odds permit you to bet on the dice, and actually not in favor of the house. Casinos are always there to get you and they won’t even teach you.
The thing is you have to be a great roller before you get the advantage.

Putting The Odds Bet

After the come out roll, place your second bet on the table for the odds bet in the line area. Single odds are generally available in land casinos, but if you are playing online, you can double your bet. This explains why you get more when playing online than in actual casinos. That is approximately 1.4 percent edge.

Buying and Laying Odds

If you are placing a right bet, this simply means that you are eliminating the pass bet away, and the winnings will be determined by the point.
An example of laying odds, playing on a $5 wager is illustrated below when placing bet on a Don’t Pass Bet. A $5 can get you a $25 if the come out roll is $10.

Laying Double Odds ($10):

Point        Payout         Win

 4 or 10      2-1              $15

 5 or 9        3-2              $16

 6 or 8        6-5              $18
If you had mistakenly placed $6, you can double the odds into $12 and will lose only a little of your wager on this situation.

Craps Betting Strategy – Summary

Craps strategy can sometimes be confusing especially if you are a first timer. You cannot grasp everything immediately in just one setting. It needs a lot of perseverance if you want to learn each strategy that is being used in this type of game. Unless you are really serious and eager to play, this may not be a game for you.
If you want to be successful in this game, you need to pay attention to the details, tricks and strategies. These are the most important factor that can result in a successful game and winnings.
Also, remember to take it easy and start betting small to avoid unnecessary loses.

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