Craps Layout

The craps game can be confusing, especially to beginners. To make it easier, you need to know that there are different parts that are associated with the various types of bets that you place. This includes pass line, don’t pass bar and come bets. Eventually, you will learn everything, and it would be convenient to you to play the game.

Craps layout printable

The Table Craps Layout 

All craps layouts are similar, and this is beneficial for players which mean they won’t get confused and can easily understand the game. Each table size has its own symmetry in order for players to play conveniently on either side.

The Dealers

There are four types of dealers in this game, namely, two base dealers, who are in charge of taking the bets from customers, the Pit Boss guard, in charge of exchanging the chips and the one who is responsible for collecting the dice is known as the Stickman. He is also the one who reads the numbers aloud and gets the Proposition and Field Bets of the game.

The Machinery

The small disc that has the On and Off button on every side is called the Puck. When the game starts the On appears making it known that the Come out has begun. For beginners, a point number also appears on the disc. There are four available dice in which two are not really in use. They only guarantee uncertainties and security during the game. The Shooter then rolls the dice for the whole round, and watches them dash across the table.

Betting Areas

Your bets are all marked on the table and the dealer quickly moves the chips into its proper position. That means when you bet for the come out Roll, bets are placed on the Pass line bet, or a Come bet is placed on the Come area.

Betting on the “Any 7” is placing your bet on the next 7 to appear. Also, table numbers have similarly been used for bets on Single Rolls. You can simply place your bet on the next roll if you want the number 8.

There is also a special betting area for “Any Craps” wherein you can place your bets for number 2, 3 and 12 which are losing numbers for bets on Pass Line and a winning streak for bets on Don’t Pass.

The Basic Game

At one end of the table, a shooter stands and announces the start of the game. Players place their bet which signals the start of the game. The shooter then signifies a cash or chips for his bet before he finally rolls out the dice. Players will have options, whether to go with the shooter or not. When all bets are settled, the shooter throws the dice strong enough until it reaches and strikes at the opposite wall of the craps table and eventually bounces back on the plane of the table.

The official declaration is announced by the dealer once the dice come to rest and be still. The winning bets are checked and paid accordingly after the announcement. For some more craps tips click here.

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